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Setup a used Aruba S2500 switch and remove stacking ports

Unmanaged Gbe switches usually meet the needs of most households, however if you want to go to multi-gbe band, things get expensive quickly. Often it would be cheaper to get a used or refurbished enterprise hardware, then brand-new consumer facing Hardwares. 

For my case, I was able to acquire an Aruba S2500 48P-4SFP+POE for 115$ pre-tax off eBay. This switch has 4 SFP+ ports that moves data at 10Gbps with some small set up. 

  1. Factory reset using the switch front menu.
  2. invoke GUI management
  3. in 10 minutes, go to from a DHCP connected device
  4. if it asks the default username password is: admin admin123

Now our focus shifts to the GUI management portal:

  1. finish wizard flow and set appropriate IP for management endpoint
  2. we need to upgrade the firmware to partition 0:
  3. to utilize the two stacking SFP+ ports
    1. use Putty/SSH and connect to switch shell
    2. go to enable mode via command then enter your enable password
    3. delete stackings

delete stacking interface stack 1/2
delete stacking interface stack 1/3

At this point, your switch is behaving like an unmanaged switch now. For most use cases you are done. 

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